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Message to applicants regarding changeover process  

Dear EKPC Applicant, 

EKPC is changing software to enable applicants to have an opportunity to submit more data regarding their work and educational background.  Applicants will be able to create a resume using our system, look at jobs you have applied, and receive messages from EKPC regarding your applicant status through your e-mail account.  This new system will also allow you to have an applicant profile where you can store your personal data such as name, address, phone number so you don’t have to input this information in our system each time you apply for a job.  If your information changes, you can edit your profile with new information. 

When the system becomes active in January, you will see a few changes in the look of how you enter data.  We will provide a detailed procedure to guide you through the applicant process (in a Word document format). There will be procedures on how to apply the first time using this new software.  After you have entered your profile the first time, there are a few changes in the procedure when you enter your second application for another job.  We will post these procedures separately on our web-site for your convenience. You are encouraged to print these files from our web-site and follow the steps the first time and second time you apply for a job.  These procedures will serve as your guide to make sure your application is complete. 

The software EKPC uses for the applicant process has system defined boundaries.  For example:

After you submit an application, you can not go back and change the application or re-submit.  Therefore, you must check your application thoroughly before you submit it for review.


If you find you don’t have time to complete your application after you have began the process, you can save it, and go back later and finalize the application.  After you have reviewed your application for the final time you may submit it.

u The same principals apply for the on-line resume.  If you build a resume on our web-site after you select the continue button, you will not be able to change your resume.  If you apply for another job later, and don’t want to use the exact resume you already built, you can build another one and save it under a different title so you will know the difference in the resume contents. 
u If you need to change your resume data, you can build a new resume on our web-site.  We suggest you title the resume as shown here   Tom Jones, 1/4/2010 Plant Operator.   Therefore, you will know when the application was submitted and the job you applied for.
u There are a few additional changes to our application process that are required before your application and resume will be considered for employment:
  u You must submit a resume.  Information on the resume must include

Complete educational history which includes the name and address of the high school and college or technical school you attended.  Information regarding if you graduated from this institution and what degree was attained.  If you did not graduate, please provide the number of college credits you have taken and passed as of the current date.

    u Complete work history for the last 10 years of employment.  This includes the following data.  Name of company, company address, phone number, name of supervisor, supervisor’s phone number, your job title and a description of your job duties.  If you had more than one job title at this company, you must provide a dated history of when you began that job, how long you stayed in that position and your job duties during this time.
    u This new software will allow us to ask questions regarding your employment history, as well as questions pertaining to requirements of the job you are applying for. If you fail to answer any of these questions, your application will not be considered by EKPC for this position.  During our hiring process, it is imperative we gain as much information about each applicant as possible, therefore if you chose not to answer all the questions on the application, you will not be considered for this position.  Therefore, it is suggested that you take your time in completing the resume and application to make sure all questions are answered thoroughly so your past education and work experience will be available for EKPC’s review of your application for employment.

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Last modified: 01/05/2010